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Nice political/military angle on the romance...

Full Throttle - Julie Ann Walker

I'd been curious about Carlos "Steady" Soto for the past couple of BKI books. Abby Thompson was a new character, but we'd been introduced to her father, President Thompson. Carlos and Abby have a long history that stems from Abby's undergrad at Georgetown.

I enjoyed their history and the flashbacks. I really liked the alternating POV. I wasn't so into the chapters that focused on the terrorist or Dan & Penni (another BKI operative & one of Abby's Secret Service agents, respectively). The romantic scenes were great, the jungle experience well written. Abby's little euphemisms got old/annoying quickly, but Carlos really enjoyed them.

I'm glad they got their HEA, but a longer ending or epilogue would've been nice. The last chapter felt rushed.

I'd totally recommend this if you're reading the BKI series.